Sorry, I had posted an entry for this week’s class on Thursday, but it doesn’t seem to have made it here. You can include your comments for this and next week’s reading (SLA, L2 Literacy Acquisition, and Building Vocabulary) any time from now until 3/23. Please comment on the separate entries.


Background knowledge

Post your personal connections, cultural (mis)understandings, and/or responses to this week’s reading here.

And, again, for those of you who are especially interested in this topic, consider reading/reflecting on the recommended text:

The cultural divide of discourse: Understanding how English-language learners’ primary discourse influences acquisition of literacy. Lydia Mays. The Reading Teacher, 61[5]. 2008.


Added 2/28/11: I came across this short article on listening to our students and, though it doesn’t directly mention ELLs, many of the points included are quite applicable to ESL teaching.

Enjoy the podcast by Kathryn Au on Culturally Responsive Instruction, which we weren’t able to listen to in class.

And here is this week’s recommended reading (Collier and Thomas) on dual language education.

Looking forward to reviewing your posts on bilingualism/biculturalism.

Post your musings on this week’s readings and/or personal connections here.

Welcome, students of READ 508, Spring 2011! Here’s an interesting and a fun article to jump start our blog discussions, How Language Shapes Thought, from this month’s issue of Scientific American. Bearing this and the week’s assigned articles in mind, how should we, as educators, shape our literacy instruction of ELLs? Share your thoughts…

Dear workshop participants:

Erik and I enjoyed discussing how content-area teachers can help reach ELLs with you. Here’s a pdf of the presentation, without photos. If you have any questions or comments, please email me: sova at rider dot edu.

Here are the websites I promised to share:

International Children’s Digital Library

Audiobooks in public domain

And, here’s a link to the NJDOE webpage with information on requirements for exiting ELLs from ESL programs.

Thank you!

To those who attended, thank you for joining my workshop on using iPods/podcasts in the ESL classroom at the NJTESOL/NJBE conference this year. Here is the presentation pdf.

Please email me if you have questions or information to share: sova at rider dot edu.