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We’ve been discussing the benefits of dual-language (i.e., two-way bilingual) programs and late-exit bilingual education programs. But… here’s some recent research from Johns Hopkins University that finds no significant differences between transitional bilingual education and structured English immersion. For a quick preview of the research see this Learning the Language blog post.

Note that the research doesn’t review dual-language models. Nonetheless, a shift from a focus on the language of instruction to appropriate pedagogy seems warranted.


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The Washington Post pinpoints why reading scores haven’t risen (think: NCLB, phonics-based instruction).

And, here’s an interesting read on exclusion rates/accommodations for ELLs (and special education students) for the NAEP.

In light of this, school library funding and staff are still being cut. What would Krashen have to say about this? What will be the impact on our ELLs?

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ESL Standards in NJ

We didn’t have time to discuss the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards, which are the standards applied in NJ (as well as a number of other states) since 2005. I’ve uploaded the standards as well as the WIDA resource guide to Blackboard. Please review and post your comments/questions here.

To learn more about WIDA, visit http://wida.us.

Added 3/16/10: Interested in a free webinar on ELLs and standardized state tests (hosted by the NCELA)? Register here.

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In class last night, a question regarding the Obama administration’s stance on ESL/bilingual education was asked. The blog, Learning the Language (sponsored by Education Week), features a 3/10/10 post that discusses that very topic—and the violation of ELLs’ civil rights in CA.

Added 3/14/10: Also see this editorial on immigration reform in the NYT.

Added 3/21/10: Here’s an interesting article in Education Week on NLCB and its (negative) effects on language study.

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Hope you’re finding this week’s articles by Stephen Krashen (and others) insightful and thought-provoking. Here’s a related article from the January 2009 edition of Language Magazine: A Conversation with Krashen.

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This excerpt found in From English Language Learners to Emergent Bilinguals provides some useful background knowledge to help frame our readings for this week. Share your thoughts here!

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